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The art and craftsmanship of the original designs are evident in Dale Tiffany lamps. Dale Tiffany is the world's leading

designer and manufacturer of quality reproductions and Tiffany style lamps. Based on the original colored art glass designs

originated and made popular by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Dale Tiffany On Sale  Tiffany produces their products with the same techniques, materials

and quality workmanship of the originals. Original designs, carefully crafted using the copper foil method of stained glass

construction, and high quality materials make Dale Tiffany lamps stand out above cheap imitations. Although original Tiffany

works can be expensive collector's items, found in museum collections and commanding high prices at the art auction houses, Dale

Tiffany lamps are affordable alternatives that are works of art in their own right.

The lamp style that was all the rage in the late 1890s and into the Tiffany Charms  beginning of the 20th century was key in the art nouveau

movement and given worldwide popularity by the artistry and business acumen of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany lamps are a

household word more than a century later and remain a great choice for home and business décor. Styles vary widely and add to

the decorating options available, with everything from table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and desk lamps, to chandeliers and

ceiling pendants.

Stylish Yet Timeless

The Tiffany style lamp designs are timeless. Louis Comfort Tiffany Rings Sale  Tiffany drew upon his love of nature for his original designs, and as

electrical lighting was being introduced, Tiffany saw the opportunity to take his beautiful stained glass creations and offer

them in a functional art object, suitable for home use and affordable for the general public. The original simplicity of

Tiffany's designs is thoughtfully reproduced and painstakingly crafted for reproductions that remain ageless and adapt well to

even the most modern decorating styles.

Timeless beauty is reflected in the intricate Tiffany designed flowers, plants and other natural features. Ageless simplicity is

beautifully captured in the fine geometric patterns, designs and borders that define the art deco movement. And Dale Tiffany

lamps are produced with Louis Tiffany's original handcrafting process and attention to detail. No two objects are exactly the

same, thus adding to the value of the quality reproduction. Many may imitate the Tiffany lamp styling, but few manufacturers

actually are true to the high quality and artistry of the original pieces. A decorative stained glass lighting fixture from Dale

Tiffany will add charm and warmth to any setting and will retain the Tiffany Sets  value and timelessness of a cherished keepsake, to be

handed down from generation to generation.

Pamela Tice is the owner of numerous lighting and home decor websites including . Her store offers product and information about

Tiffany Style Table Lamps and Tiffany Style Floor Lamps by Dale Tiffany, as well as other high quality lighting designs and

products to add beauty and richness to your home.

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