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Sometimes researching a new purchase on the internet can be a blessing and a curse - information overload can be quickly followed confusion which leads to indecision and just creates unnecessary stress. If you are searching for the best crock pot, this article may ask the questions you need to answer to get you there quicker! Size How many people are you feeding? How many servings would you like to cook at one time? Shape Do you think you will be mainly cooking 'wet' recipes like casseroles, stews and chili or will you be 'dry' roasting huge whole pieces or meat or a couple of roast chickens at a time? Features Do you want a basic one, nothing flash, Cheap Pandora Jewelry   just high, low and off? Or do you want a one of the modern polish stainless ones with the digital displays? Budget Are you looking to spend the absolute minimum, or maybe a little bit more, if it ticks all the boxes, or are you prepared to invest what it takes to get what you want? I am a crock pot fan from way back, so I have been checking out what's new in crockpot land since my trusty friend was born and I've made discoveries that will help you. Size As a guide, a small crock pot (3 to 4 quart) will make 4 to 5 servings and can take Pandora Silver Beads  a 4 pound roast. A large crock pot (6 plus quart) 6 to 9 servings or about a 7 pound roast. If you want to be able to cook once, eat half now and freeze half for later, you will need to take this into consideration when choosing capacity. Shape Is a personal preference mainly, but if you mainly cook large chickens or legs of meat, you may consider the oval shape suits your needs better. Features My 20 year old plus crockpot is one of the manual 'high, low or off' variety, from the original crock pot company, so I started researching those first. I found its equivalent was one of the top selling and best rated in customer reviews - still going strong after all these  Pandora Glass Beads years! Then I started to check out the latest programmable crock pot and found the original crock pot company has one of the top selling and best rated in customer reviews for this category too! Budget The good news, I found the best prices for you to! One thing with crockpot cooking that is easily overlooked, is cost per use. When you first buy something the cost is high and scales down over time. However, this appliance is going to save you money as soon as you start using it! It is cheaper to cook a pot of chili or a roast chicken with than your regular stove top or oven can do it for. Also, you will find you it is actually better to buy Pandora Charms On Sale  the cheaper cuts of meat to make chili, stews and casseroles with as they taste better - which saves you cash weekly. And last but not least, you can cook twice as much as you need so you can cook once and eat twice - (no takeaways!) so it's a huge time saving device too! I'm looking forward to sharing more with you, to help with what you Pandora Bracelets On Sale   need - whether you are looking to own your first or fifth crock pot - and with healthy crock pot recipes and ideas to stretch your food budget further.

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