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Do not feel surprised when talking about paying a visit to Iran. If you are fond of traveling, you should never miss this place. Nearly all people who have gone to Iran speak highly of this place.

Iran is a splendid open-air museum which contains  Tiffany Key Rings  amazing architectural complex, long and profound history and tradition. All these are the proud epic in this beautiful and charming land. Here, you can find magnificent palaces, famous Tehran museum, bleak deserts, mysterious architecture, lovely Yazd and silent tower which symbolizes the center of Persia religion. Now I will list several reasons to explain why a visit to Iran is worthwhile.

1. Friendly people

Iran people are kind and helpful especially to foreign people. This hospitable tradition has a history of hundreds of years. Although there is only a small number of western visitors went there, they all enjoyed the hospitality there.

2. Amazing history

Persia civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Historical signs are scattered everywhere here in Iran. You can find abandoned historical relics and many prayers along the highway. Several places  Tiffany Money Clips of Iran have been listed as world heritage by the UNESCO.

3. Nature

Iran is a very big country with various kinds of beautiful scenery. You can experience different kinds of views during one-hour fly. Here, there are vast deserts and forests as well as several kinds of rare animals including Asian cheetah. In addition, Iran is also the biggest fruit area in Middle East.

4. Convenient transportation

In Iran, every relatively big city has its own airport and  Tiffany Bracelets the government subsidies for the aircraft industry. Therefore, it is very convenient to go around Iran. Of course, there are also a variety of railway and bus routes available.

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