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The American cutie Rachel Sarah Bilson first made a name for herself through her character, Summer Roberts, on the US prime time

drama series the OC in 2003. The talented actress soon shot to fame and made her film debut in the 2006 film, The Last Kiss.
Loved for her simple effortless style, Rachel Bilson is a popular Hollywood style icon who looks as sophisticated and elegant on

red carpet as she does while shopping for grocery or collecting her knick-knacks in vintage stores.

Rachel is renowned for her passion of high-quality Tiffany Sets   accessories such as sunglasses, handbags and high heel shoes.

The former OC star is well-known among her teenage audience. At the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, Bilson collected three awards:

"Choice Hottie Female", "Choice TV Actress (Drama)" and "Best Onscreen TV Chemistry" (jointly won with Adam Brody). "The hottest

chick in Hollywood" was named the 16th Sexiest Woman in the World in 2008 in the UK's FHM. She was ranked 30ith in the US version

of the same list.

Her endearing boho style

As for the dressing style of this endearing celebrity, it's mostly boho. Several journalists have recognized Rachel as a "fashion

junkie". The TV and movie actress described her sense of style  Tiffany Watches as "vintage" and claimed that she draws inspiration from Kate Moss

and Diane Keaton as well as her mother Janice.
"Vintage is her love," the actress told a magazine while talking about her mother and that she has "inherited" her great eye for


Rachel also places a lot of emphasis on ensuring a sense of individuality in dressing and styling. "I think it's important to have

individuality in your fashion sense - you want to be different to everyone else", the actress once said. Talking of her popular

boho style Rachel said, "I am a vintage fan through and through. Mix a little designer in there. You know. It's kind of an

expressive way of showing who I am."

Women deeply admire the sense of style of this fashionista, its hard not to really. From flats to seductive red knee-length boots,

from casual jeans to sensuous gowns, the petite beauty can handle everything with élan, looking vulnerably cute and at the same

time so hot that she can make any man melt with just her single glance. It's hard for anyone not to fall in love with the OC


Rachel loves shoes
Rachel Bilson is recognized for her fondness for designer shoes. The lady knows how to team accessories with simple dresses and

make the overall semblance look ravishingly great. Her tiny frame that stands at about 5"2 makes her favour high heel shoes most

of the time though. Although in her down time, Rachel can also be spotted in Ugg boots.

The Jumper star is also noted for her fondness of 80s footwear. What can be considered remarkable about this gorgeous actress

though is that she is gifted with the innate art of pairing a simple black dress with a pair of simple black high heel shoes and

can be called a fashionista of the highest grade. And if you compliment her Tiffany Keys  on her style, the petite cutie will tell you, "its fun

to play and put things together. You don't have to spend a lot to get a great look."

In her various photos taken from the Red Carpet or by paparazzi on street, Rachel can be seen sporting some of the most elegant

high heel shoes, which add panache to her simple dresses. Some of the favourite shoe styles of Rachel are knee length leather

boots, ankle-length combat boots, peep toe pumps, patent leather stilettos with high heels, pointed toe heel shoes and open toe

sandals with high heels. The simple yet seductive actress looks effortlessly cool in gladiator sandals with heels and ballet flats

too. Recently, her innovative open-toe ankle boots became a much discussed and much copied shoe style.

Manages her height

Rachel Bilson has an enviable sense of style. What makes her so enchanting is the fact that she's so adept at dressing for her

figure. Tiny frames like Bilson's can easily get overwhelmed, but she avoids this common mistake by sticking to sleek (not skin-

tight) pieces and silhouettes. The diminutive star also keeps everything Cheap Tiffany  in correct proportions by accentuating her waist with

belts, tucked in shirts, and tops with sashes or other waist details.

According to some stylists, Rachel has made dressing for her body into a work of art. In each and every photo of this gorgeously

stylish Californian it is hard to believe that she that she barely caps 521"-and-a-half.

Rachel's style offers a glimpse of her personality, which is very much grounded in spite of her stardom and this makes her dear

both to her ardent fans and even the most cynical critics.

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