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1. Taking a Nap after Lunch

It is a luxury thing for officer workers to take a nap after lunch. But more and more researches show that afternoon naps has both

short-term and long-term benefits. SPA and foot-massage parlour Tiffany Necklaces   near company can make you relax. Even if to have a rest on the

desk can make you keep energetic the whole Cheap Tiffany Jewelry   afternoon.

2. Having Red Dates

As soon as I mention afternoon tea, many people will think of tea and pastries like Tiramisu made by cream cheese and a cup of

Cappuccino. The taste of these food are really attractive, but they have high calorific value. Too much fat will make your skin

tone uneven. Experts recommend you to have a cup of red date tea, Tiffany Rings  because red dates have the function of lowering cholesterol

levels, lowering blood pressure, increasing discharge of urine. Red can also make your complexion flushing. In a word, red date is

a necessary food for women to keep rosy on cheeks.

3. Enjoying SPA

When the oil you bought in your last trip to Europe is still lying on your drawers, flowers and soaps are used to wash hands, is

it a time for you---the most hard-working people in family to have a Tiffany Earrings   rest a enjoy yourself? A hot bath can make you wrapped in

warmth and at the same time aid circulation of blood. It you are going out with somebody tomorrow, it is a good choice to have a

hot bath before sleeping. You will find that your complexion is quite good in the next morning. If you can add some essential oil

and bath salt, it will be more enjoyable and effective.

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