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If you look at wild dogs on television - wolves or coyotes for instance, you'll see puppies licking at the faces of the adult canines. Humans have bred dogs for centuries, and have created a species that never really grows up. We basically have 'baby' dogs, for the most part.

The reason wild canines pups lick at the faces of the adults is Pandora Bracelets Cheap   to entice them to vomit up their food, which the puppies can then eat, because it is pre-chewed and is easy for them to eat.

This is all very well for wild dogs, or for tiny baby puppies with their mothers, but it is not what humans do. Adult canines do the same thing - dogs lower down in the pack's hierarchy will lick at the muzzle of higher ranked individuals, mimicking puppy behaviour to guard against over-bearing behaviour.

With wild canines, the highest ranked individuals will put up with this  Pandora Glass Beads behaviour as long as they aren't irritated by it, or it gets in the way of what they want or have to do. Then they will tell off the licking dog, and the dog will cease its now annoying licking.

This is what we have to learn to do. We have to be the Alpha member of our human/canine pack, and take control. In my pack, I'll put up with one lick of my hand, and that's it - any more licking  Pandora Gold Beads at me gets a sharp rebuke and certainly not patting - the licking dog will see a pat as a reward for it's licking.

It's up to every dog owner to understand the situation and to decide for themselves how much is too much. Dogs like to have a decisive pack leader and won't resent your taking on of the role. Indeed, I feel the dog should always have a position inferior to the dog's. Dogs who take on the Alpha role can become extremely  Pandora Charms to the humans who live with them. It is the responsible thing for humans to make sure they have that position. It leads to a happier and safer life for all.

Dogs that lick you all the time are dogs that either haven't understood your message, or who think they know better than you, and may continue to disobey you. Make sure your dog understands  Cheap Pandora Jewellery  who is boss, and what they are supposed to do.

Carolyn Cordon

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